Make attendance marking and monitoring easier

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Real-Time Location

Automatically locates the latitude and longitude based on GPS information.

Geo-Coded Images

Geo-Coded images and selfies to ensure actual sales person visit to the location.

Verified Expenses

Automatic calculation of distances and expenses verified by real-time google disctance calculation

Simple, effortless, and automated interface

Click to record attendance. Intuitive interface with elevated level of automation for fast recording.

Real time attendance

Real-time monitoring of employee attendance and leaves or weekly off.

Distances Travelled

Real-Time distances calculated based on

Expenses Incurred

Expenses tracked and verified with google distance covered

Plan, Track, Review Performance

Enhance your team performance and accountability and get visibility on performance.

Track Visits

Track the number of sales visits and expenses incurred.

Track Orders

Keep track of completed and in-progress orders, alongwith expenses incurred.

Other great features of EYBII

1. Reports & Insights

Powerful insights on trips, expenses and orders. Quantitative assessment based on sales orders and profitability.

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2. Role-Based Access

Access rights based on user role. Restrict access to sites and features by user.

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3. Performance Tracking

Performance and Tracking reports at one place

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